Vintage Off-Road Classic Jackman Wheels, Which Ignited the SUV Off-Road Market, Announces Renaissance Relaunch

This automotive pioneer is returning, sparking excitement in the SUV off-road racing and enthusiast community

Harry Jackman of Jackman Wheels is well known as the originator of the famous specialty ‘white spoked wheel’. It was often duplicated but never matched. Major automakers copied the Jackman look on their dealership showroom floors. Yet, those replicas lacked the style, customization and quality provided by Jackman’s product.

Harry Jackman / Jackman Funco Racer / Image: Quailhunter

Harry Jackman hand-crafted custom wheels in the early 1970’s for the Stock Car racing circuit in Southern California. Soon after, Harry began to build Buggies and to race off-road himself. It naturally followed that he would transfer his wheels to the evolving desert racing sport. He, like others, required a new wheel that would fit and perform well with the larger tires and off-sets needed. Jackman’s performed all day off-road and then on the drive home via the fast southern California freeways, all with style. This led to a booming SoCal business with $4.8 million in annual sales ($23 million in 2024 valuation) operating in several stated with 120 associates selling across six countries.

When the Oil Embargo Crisis hit, starting in 1979, it seemed to have no end…in the 1980’s sales continued to be lost due to a lack of fuel for auxiliary uses. The Jackman’s pivoted their business focus back to real estate and custom home building (eventually closing Jackman Wheels and accessories, their retail stores and the warehouse in St Louis.)

Today, with the SUV renaissance taking place by major automakers and restorations attaining $300,000+ sale prices. The Truck and SUV sales account for 30% of automotive specialty equipment $15.2B annual sales reported, ‘SEMA State of the Industry’ most current survey.

In a recent interview, Harry Jackman stated, “Having watched the passion and prices our used Jackman wheels are fetching has been astonishing. We decided to have fun again…we’re back!” Chairpersons Harry and Sheryll Jackman have chosen, business leader, Mitch Carley as the new President of Jackman Wheels. Mitch met the Jackmans through a mutual friend, famed Jackman artist and marketer, Dave ‘Big’ Deal (1938-2008). Mitch understands the potential of bringing this iconic Brand back to again achieve market niche and dominance. Mitch has led a division of Lintas Worldwide with clients ranging from eBay, McDonalds, ESPN2 and more. As an avid off-road hobbyist, Mitch stills owns a set of Jackmans he bought in 1977.

“We are thrilled of the global team Mitch has assembled, as well as the DOT and DoD manufacturing process that’s been developed and proven with several Jackman Primo 8’s already perfectly re-produced. Our team is leveraging today’s technology, from scanning surviving Jackmans while referring to original production drawings, to ensuring that the packaging, clothing, marketing and more are all perfect,” stated Sheryll Jackman.

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Jackman Wheels is a name synonymous with legacy off road wheels. A first of its kind, Jackman Wheels created a new-business category when it perfected the off road wheel. Today, the off road wheel market is part of a $15.2B segment of the SUV aftermarket business reported in 2022 by SEMA. Jackman Wheels have returned to the marketplace, offering yesterday’s vibe with today’s technology.

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