What Is The Difference Between Single Impeller And Double Impeller Pump?

  Centrifugal pumps are vital components in various industries, used for transporting fluids through systems. They come in different designs to suit specific needs, and one key distinction is between single impeller (single suction) and double impeller (double suction) pumps.

Single Suction Pump: Design and Characteristics

Single suction pumps, also known as end suction pumps, feature an impeller designed to draw water from one side only. This design results in the impeller having asymmetric front and back cover plates. The impeller, typically with several backward-curved vanes, is fixed on the pump shaft and driven by a motor to rotate at high speed. The suction port, located at the center of the pump casing, is connected to the suction pipe equipped with a one-way bottom valve, while the discharge outlet on the pump casing side connects to the discharge pipe with a regulating valve.

Advantages of Single Suction Pumps

Single suction pumps offer several advantages:

Simplicity and Stability


Suitability for Low Flow Applications

However, single suction pumps do have some limitations:

Axial Force and Bearing Load: The design creates significant axial force, leading to higher bearing loads.

Double Suction Pump: Design and Characteristics

Double suction pumps are designed with an impeller that draws water from both sides, effectively balancing the axial forces and allowing for higher flow rates. The impeller is symmetrically designed, with water entering from both sides and converging within the pump casing.

Double suction pumps are available in various types, including horizontal split case, vertical split case, and double suction inline pumps. Each type offers unique advantages and is suited to specific applications:

1. Horizontal split Case Pumps: These pumps have a volute that is split horizontally, making them easier to service but requiring significant space and heavy lifting equipment to remove the top part of the casing.

2. Vertical Split Case Pumps: With a vertical split and removable cover plate, these pumps take up less space and are easier to service, especially in configurations where suction and discharge piping are vertical.

3. Double Suction Inline Pumps: Typically used in large pipe systems, these pumps can be challenging to service as they require the motor to be removed to access internal components.

Advantages of Double Suction Pumps

Double suction pumps provide several significant benefits:

Higher Flow Rates

Reduced Axial Thrust


Choosing Between Single and Double Suction Pumps

When deciding between single and double suction pumps, several factors should be considered:

1. Flow Requirements: For applications with lower flow requirements, single suction pumps are cost-effective and sufficient. For higher flow needs, double suction pumps are preferable.

2. Space and Installation: Double suction pumps, especially vertical split case designs, can save space and are easier to maintain in tight installations.

3. Cost and Maintenance: Single suction pumps are cheaper and easier to maintain, making them ideal for budget-sensitive projects. In contrast, double suction pumps, though more expensive initially, offer longer service life and better performance in demanding applications.

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