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Designing a poster may be interesting, but it is still quite challenging because not all people are experts in design. But this is not a problem when you have a service like PosterMyWall because everyone can make such pretty and engaging posters for any event. Thus, PosterMyWall makes the design process as easy as possible due to the straightforward structure and numerous templates for individual customization. 

Here’s a five-step guide to help you design your poster on PosterMyWall.

1. Choose a suitable template

After understanding the content of your poster, the next thing to do is choose the ideal template for your poster. Some of the options that are available for the particular kind of poster templates that you require can be found on the PosterMyWall website, where posters can range from quite literal, graphic posters to rather more tasteful and professional ones. 

One should have a clear idea of the target audience and the content style that has to be presented while choosing a suitable template. Select designs that appeal to the eye while offering suitable patterns of information to be incorporated. 

Incorporate the sequence aspect of the poster, where the eye of the viewer would look at upon opening the poster. It entails choosing a format that directs the viewers’ gaze straight to the most significant information. 

Also, it is essential to consider the emotional associations connected with various designs; while some templates will be designed to produce emotions of joy and dynamism, others will suit the informative or even serious messages better.

2. Define the purpose of your poster

To begin with the design, one should outline the following question as clearly as possible: What is the poster’s function? Are you advertising an event? Is your industry attempting to spread the word about a new product? Or do you wish to inform your audience about an event, such as a sale of a particular product? 

This will determine the information to be included on the poster, the format, and the design, hence giving some thought to the intended purpose of the poster. The effectiveness of the design is checked in this step to ensure that it is in line with the goals and passes the intended message correctly. 

3. Customize your design

Now that you have a template, it is time to personalize it. First, work on the text to add all the relevant headlines, subtexts, and details such as date and time as well as contact details. 

Besides the text’s legibility, which means that this very text should stand out and not be combined with the background in any way, attention should be paid to the way the text looks, with changes in size, color, and font to find the best contrasting option. 

Then, add substandard image quality that associates with and supports the message of your design. You can either upload your photos or choose from the huge variety that is available on PosterMyWall’s templates stock image collection. Give adequate attention to the choice of color, as they can improve the atmosphere created by the poster and its readability. 

Lastly, fine-tune the layout. Sometimes, the template chosen may already complement the content and visuals essentially, but there may be occasions where, after the choice of the template, you may have to adjust the position and size and in and out perfectly. 

PosterMyWall’s editor enables this latitude; you will drag and size components conveniently to establish a proportional and dynamic plan. 

4. Seek feedback

Once the design has been developed to fit the preset criteria, consult more people, such as co-workers, friends, or the targeted users. Another reason to edit a piece by someone else is the ability of a ‘second pair of eyes’ to find something you may have missed, like typos or repeated styles. 

This feedback should be taken to improve your poster not just in the aesthetic sense but in the sense that people who open it can absorb what you want to tell them.

5. Download and share

After that, if your poster is superb, you need to download and share it. 

PosterMyWall provides several download options, some of which are for high-quality printing and others that are appropriate for web use. Consider where your poster is most likely to be viewed, whether it is a notice board at school, a bus stop, or a social site, then select the most appropriate format. 

Lastly, share your poster with the people to reach the target demographic. Post the digital poster on your social media accounts, website, or company newsletter. If it is a printed poster, the other consideration should be the wisest place to paste it to be noticed by most people. 


Designing a catchy poster is manageable. Using PosterMyWall, you can benefit from professional designs and easy accessibility to creativity. 

From this article, you should understand how you can create a good poster, from the poster’s purpose to selecting the appropriate poster templates, designing, getting feedback, and sharing your wonderful poster. Don’t wait any longer, and discover how simple and enjoyable it is to design a poster!

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