Ezhou Huahu International Airport Opens Three New International Cargo Routes in Quick Succession

Recently, Ezhou Huahu International Airport has launched three new international cargo routes, drawing significant attention. On July 4th, the CPSCS Ezhou-New York international freight route officially launched at Ezhou Huahu International Airport. Just days earlier, JD Airlines opened the Ezhou-Bangkok and Ezhou-Manila international freight routes, transporting cross-border e-commerce goods as well as fruits and seafood imported from Southeast Asia. With the opening of new routes, Huahu International Airport’s international air cargo network has become more comprehensive.

Since the beginning of this year, Ezhou Huahu International Airport has actively expanded its international cargo routes to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative. Ten new international cargo routes have been opened, connecting to cities such as Moscow, Chicago, Budapest, and Addis Ababa. Ezhou’s international air cargo network, which spans Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, is continuously expanding. As Asia’s first dedicated cargo airport, Ezhou Huahu International Airport has captured global attention.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/QpaqcJCHVyE

Recently, British social media blogger Lee Barrett visited Ezhou Huahu International Airport in person. He was amazed to see such a large, specialized cargo airport established in the small city of Ezhou, Hubei, and praised it as an example of China speed and Ezhou speed!

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/BKImqLSeBCI

In addition to experiencing the Ezhou speed, Barrett also enjoyed leisure time in Ezhou. Tongshan Village, nestled against Mount Tong and thriving by the lake, has transformed from a once impoverished and backward village into a bustling and industrially diverse modern village. Here, the integrated development of culture and tourism has brought people endless fun and joy.

Strolling in the village, Barrett found himself surrounded by blooming lotus flowers and beautiful scenery. In Hubei, lotus flower is not only a ornamental plant but also a summer delicacy. Crisp lotus roots and sweet lotus seeds are indispensable summer treats. In Tongshan Village, Barrett tried his hand at digging lotus roots and even found a creative new use for lotus flowers by making them into a hoodie to keep cool. Let’s take a look!

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