Google Search Not Indexing or Serving New Content On July 8th

Google Search is currently having yet another indexing bug, similar to what Google Search experienced just about two weeks ago on June 20th. Google is not indexing new content that was recently published in the past hour or so.

Sites like the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Reuters, CNN, Fox News and many others large publications. Any content published on these sites in the past hour or so are not being indexed and served by Google Search.

The way to see this yourself is to conduct a site command search for a site and use the search tools to restrict the results for content indexed in the past hour.

Here are some examples: – past hour: – past hour: – past hour: – past hour: – past hour: – past hour:

I can go on but I think you get the point.

Last time we reported this, it took Google several hours to confirm the issue on its Google Search Status Dashboard – I wonder if this will be the same.

If you are noticing your content is not being index right now, you are 100% not alone.

Here are some recent complaints about this on X:

@rustybrick The indexing issue has returned, You can run a check now

— Basuony SEO (@BasuonySEO) July 8, 2024

@rustybrick looks like Mr G has indexing issues again…

— Mobilanyheter (@mobilanyheter) July 8, 2024

This story was posted over 15 minutes ago, normally content on this site is indexed within 2 minutes but this URL is not indexed by Google yet – nor is it showing up in Google Search:

You can see that I even requested indexing and it is still not indexed by Google according to Google Search Console:

Forum discussion at X.

Update 7pm ET: After over an hour of new content not showing in Google Search, Google now seems to be showing some new content. The issue is not fully fixed at all yet but it may have started to recovery.

I’ll update this story when I see more of a recovery – including when this story is indexed.

Update 7:40pm: It looks like this story is now indexed and many of the sites listed above are showing recent content being indexed:

Update 8:45pm: Google has confirmed the issue is now resolved. “There was an issue that was briefly affecting indexing for some sites in Google Search. We quickly addressed the issue and indexing should be working normally now,” Lara Levin from Google told us.

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