Rev. Gary Emas Announces Transformative Speaking Tour To Share His Spiritual & Prophetic Insights into End Time

Reverend Gary Emas has announced that he is starting his speaking tour to share his transformative spiritual journey, experience, learnings, and prophetic insights into end times.

“Where the real value lies is in the lives changed—the tens of thousands who have found healing and hope through our ministry,” Gary Emas says. His events transcend traditional lectures, creating transformative experiences that resonate with attendees on a personal level. Past participants believe Emas’s messages often lead to personal revelations and a renewed spiritual outlook.

Popular by his pen name, Wayne A. Richards, Gary brings more than three decades of spiritual leadership and healing to his upcoming speaking engagements. His journey, marked by overcoming visual impairment to achieve spiritual clarity, offers a compelling narrative of resilience and hope. 

His two books, EL Elyon and Sacred Bones have been selected for screenplay adaptations.  These adaptations promise to bring riveting stories of faith, espionage, and historical conspiracy to the silver screen, merging deep spiritual themes with high-stakes adventure.

During his speaking events, Emas draws upon his personal experiences, including times of blindness that fueled his most influential writings. His presentations are designed to connect deeply with his audience, blending personal anecdotes with theological insights that address contemporary spiritual needs. His ability to articulate these connections makes his talks engaging and relevant.

The theme of salvation is Central to his message; Gary Emas equates it with healing and restoration as much as with eternal life. This theme is a focal point in his books, where he shares insights gained during periods of blindness. His book “El Elyon” explores these themes against a backdrop of intense narrative journeys.

Gary Emas’s upcoming engagements have interesting aspects, such as his insights into prophetic times. He suggests he has been given a divine timetable, aligning his revelations with key biblical festivals and offering fresh interpretations of ancient scriptures. This claim is likely to attract attention and spur discussions among his audience.

Gary Emas’s influence extends beyond church walls, impacting diverse groups in society through his teachings and personal stories. His speaking engagements serve as platforms for imparting hope and demonstrating the power of faith in action. His approach blends scholarly research with heartfelt testimonials, making each appearance a significant event in his spiritual mission.

Besides his speaking engagements, Emas is deeply involved in both local and international communities through his Bread of Life Ministry, which he founded and still leads. His guidance and mentorship have made him respected among his followers and peers.

As anticipation builds for his upcoming events, the focus is not just on the narratives he will share or the insights he will provide but on the audience’s collective experience. Each session is an opportunity for individuals to explore their beliefs and possibly find new perspectives on their lives, mirroring the transformative journey Emas himself has undergone. His story serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of faith, resilience, and the human spirit on personal growth and community enrichment.

To book Gary Emas for speaking engagements, email or call 417 239 6112.

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About War Productions:

War Productions, founded by Reverend Gary Emas in 2000, specializes in supporting diverse artistic and spiritual projects. Based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, the company focuses on producing content that enriches and uplifts through profound storytelling and ministry. War Productions is committed to fostering spiritual enlightenment and community engagement through various media.

About Wayne A. Richards:

Reverend Gary Emas, who goes by the pen name Wayne A. Richards, is based in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and has led a life dedicated to spiritual outreach and literary expression. His profound experiences and insights into both the divine and the historical have not only shaped his writing but have also inspired countless individuals around the World. 

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Gary Emas can be reached for any inquiry or booking at:


Phone: 417 239 6112

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Company Name: War Productions
Contact Person: Wayne A. Richards
Email: Send Email
City: Branson
State: MO
Country: United States

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