Kelekona’s Hali’a “a Remembrance” – A Musical Journey Through Slack-Key Mastery

Reviving the rich legacy of Ron “Kelekona” Vanderford with a new album, Kelekona celebrates the uniqueness of Hawaiian musical heritage

The Hali’a “a Remembrance” marks a monumental posthumous album release of Ron “Kelekona” Vanderford’s, available from July 1, 2024. This collection represents the quintessence of Kelekona’s musical ethos—sharing love, joy, and serenity through his art.

This Album features a variety of tracks that showcase Kelekona’s versatility and mastery in slack-key guitar. Notable pieces include the light-hearted “Ka’u Mele ‘Olu ‘Olu (My Sweet Melody)”, that just makes you feel like dancing, and “Gas (for Gabby/Atta/Sonny C.)”, an upbeat homage to his musical inspirations. Each song on the album tells a story, reflecting the profound connection Kelekona had with his music and his audience.

Tracks such as “Monday Morning” uplift with joyful rhythms, while “There You Are” and “Beer Bash Blues” highlight moments of his life, sharing personal tales through melody. The title track, “Hali’a”, is a poignant piece that resonates with emotional depth, embodying the spirit of remembrance itself.

The artist’s compelling craft is reflected in singles like “Kzoo Radio” and “Time & Again” which underscore his playful creativity and technical skill. Recorded at various significant locations, including Sunset Studio and McCabe’s Guitar Shop, the album brings together live performances and studio sessions, encapsulating the soul of Kelekona’s musical journey.

In the last three songs, “Left My Heart in Honolulu”, “My Dear Friend” and “Bronco Boogie”, Kelekona shares himself deeply for all to hear.

The Hali’a “a Remembrance” album not only celebrates Kelekona’s incredible talent but also honors his vision of music as a universal language of connection. This album invites listeners to experience the warmth and beauty of slack-key guitar, a genre that Kelekona not only perfected but also passionately taught and shared. Kelekona liked to call himself the Slack-Key Ambassador. His recordings—often completed in a single take—highlight his exceptional ability to blend intricate melodies harmoniously, making his music a true gift to the world.

Kelekona has been truly immortalized not just as a musician but as a visionary who brought the essence of Hawai’i to the world through his strings. His legacy continues to inspire and captivate, ensuring that his love, joy, and serenity will resonate through the ages. This new album release celebrates the life and music of Kelekona—a reminder of the beauty that music can bring into our lives.

Listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the powerful and heartfelt tracks that embody Kelekona’s artistic spirit and cultural legacy. With its rich blend of traditional Hawaiian melodies and contemporary influences, The Hali’a “a Remembrance” album is a testament to the timeless appeal and deep emotional resonance of Kelekona’s music!


Ron “Kelekona” Vanderford, acclaimed for his mastery in slack-key guitar music, is celebrated for the melodious charm and cultural richness of his compositions. Born and raised on the vibrant shores of ‘O’ahu, Hawai’i, Kelekona’s musical journey was deeply rooted in the island’s soulful traditions. Gifted with a guitar at the age of 14, he was tutored by the legendary “Auntie” Alice Namakelua, flourishing into a formidable artist renowned for his innovative slack-key techniques.

The artist’s iconic music embodies a fusion of traditional Hawaiian slack-key with influences of jazz, blues, rock, and flamenco, creating a unique auditory experience. With albums “Kelekona…Simply Slack Key”, “Kona By The Sea”, and his contributions to “Aloha Slack Key…A Tribute To Gabby Pahinui” (that won a Hoku in 2008), Kelekona not only honored the giants of slack-key but also introduced his own creative twists. His music, celebrated and cherished, continues to touch hearts around the globe, ensuring his legacy endures.





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