Redodo Prime Day is coming: Get Up to 50% Off on Redodo High Quality Lithium Batteries

Redodo, the industry leader in high-quality lithium iron phosphate batteries, is electrifying Prime Day during July 8th  to July 18th with jaw-dropping discounts of up to 50%. This limited-time offer sets a new standard for value and performance, making it the must-have deal of the season. The excitement doesn’t stop with Prime Day. The Redodo Official Website has a lineup of exclusive activities and benefits that promise to supercharge your experience. Whether you’re an RV off-roading enthusiast or a yacht sailing aficionado, Redodo’s Prime Day extravaganza is set to power your outdoor adventures like never before.

Redodo Prime Day Special Offers – Crazy Lowest Prices Ever  July 16th – July 17th (Support 15-day Lowest Price Guarantee)

12V 50Ah Pro: ONLY $129.99 (Regular $169.99)

12V 100Ah: ONLY $199.99 (Regular $279.99)

12V 100Ah Mini: ONLY $235.99 (Regular $299.99)

12V 100Ah Group 24: ONLY $199.99 (Regular $339.99)

12V 100Ah Trolling Motor: ONLY $204.99 (Regular $339.99)

12V 100Ah Smart Bluetooth: ONLY $239.99 (Regular $339.99)

12V 200Ah: ONLY $415.99 (Regular $519.99)

12V 200Ah Plus: ONLY $439.99 (Regular $569.99)

12V 280Ah Low Temp: ONLY $619.99 (Regular $699.99)

12V 300Ah: ONLY $674.99 (Regular $799.99)

12V 410Ah: ONLY $1119.99 (Regular $1499.99)

24V 100Ah: ONLY $439.99 (Regular $519.99)

24V 200Ah: ONLY $1023.99 (Regular $1499.99)

Experience unmatched Member Day offers with extra rewards on Redodo official website, designed to maximize your savings.

1. Site-Wide Discount Promotion

Enjoy automatic discounts: $15 off orders over $500, $40 off orders over $1,000, and $100 off orders over $2,000 at checkout.

2. Join Redodo Membership and Get Points to Exchange for PrizesAccumulate 500 points to exchange for a set of 250A fuses; accumulate 700 points to exchange for a 300W inverter; accumulate 900 points to exchange for a 250A circuit breaker; accumulate 2000 points to exchange for a 500A battery monitor or 12V 12Ah battery; accumulate 3000 points to exchange for a 14.6V 20A charger or 1000W inverter. (1 point for every 1 USD order)

3. Surprise gift pack limited edition rush sale

12V 100ah Bluetooth battery only $219.99, limited to 5 pieces

12V 100ah mini battery only $199.99, limited to 5 pieces

12V 100ah battery only $189.99, limited to 5 pieces

4.The Ultimate Grand Prize – Lucky Winners Get Free Orders

Redodo Member Day offers unparalleled discounts, and during the Member Day period, there is a chance to win free order grand prizes! This is Redodo’s exclusive way of giving back to you. Come join in the fun!

Redodo 12V 100ah Trolling Motor Battery – Best Trolling Motor Battery

Redodo has launched a specially upgraded 12V 100Ah trolling motor battery, featuring low-temperature charging cutoff protection. The upgraded BMS adds extra precharge function, automatic recovery after protection, and enhanced waterproof and anti-corrosion performance. It supports up to 300A continuous current within 5S and 500A peak current within 3S. This battery guarantees stable performance in any condition, Whether you are sailing on calm or rough waters, you can trust that the Redodo battery will always provide stable performance.

12V 100ah Group24 Battery – Group 24 size fits all RVs

Redodo has upgraded its 12V 100Ah 24 Group Deep Cycle Battery to a smaller size, which is seamlessly compatible with the BCI 24 Group size, making it ideal for various RV battery enclosures – 24/27/31 Group battery boxes. Despite the size reduction, the energy capacity remains unchanged at 1.28kWh, with an over 40% increase in energy density. Compact yet powerful, it provides the energy to fuel your lifestyle. Whether you are embarking on a cross-country road trip or setting up camp in a remote location, the Redodo 12V 100Ah Group 24 Battery is your perfect companion.

12V 100ah Smart Bluetooth Battery – Real-Time Capacity Monitoring

Redodo 12V 100ah Smart Bluetooth battery comes with Smart Bluetooth 5.0, allowing users to link it to the Redodo APP for real-time monitoring of the battery’s comprehensive status and data, such as SOC, charge/discharge/idle state, battery voltage, current, power, remaining capacity, battery temperature, and life cycles. No More Power Anxiety. Track and manage your battery’s performance from your smartphone, ensuring optimal operation and longevity.

12V 100Ah Mini Battery – the Lightest and Smallest Lithium Battery

The Redodo 12V 100Ah Mini Lithium Battery is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking a powerful, compact, and lightweight energy solution. The Redodo 12V 100Ah Mini Lithium Battery measuring only 10.23×5.23×8.95 inches – 35% smaller than the standard 12V 100Ah 31 Group battery. At just 19.84 lbs, it’s 18% lighter than a standard 12V 100Ah battery, yet it still provides the same 1280Wh of energy output! And compared to other 100Ah lead-acid batteries, it’s 69% lighter. Our ultra-compact design ensures you’ll never have to worry about space constraints again.

Redodo is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art deep cycle lithium batteries, consistently using top-tier automotive-grade prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells across our entire battery lineup. This ensures every Redodo lithium battery boasts exceptional durability and lifespan, while also guaranteeing over 101% of the usable capacity.

Moreover, Redodo is committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience. Redodo offers rapid delivery within 2-5 business days, as well as 24-hour after-sales support. Our dedicated team provides personalized online assistance to help you set up your battery system and resolve any issues you may have.

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